The origins of old American manufacturers are often similar; family businesses started by immigrants looking for opportunity in a new country.  Looking to support their spouses, children, and kin, often with rich stories of trials and triumphs. Sadly over the decades many of these companies have been forced to close for a myriad of reasons.  Two that have remained though are Levi's and Dehen.  One founded in 1873 the other in 1920.  Our paths have been very different; Levi's growing into a major global company and Dehen remaining a small business with local roots.  While our business and manufacturing approaches have been different, we are, perhaps, a "perfect pairing" as witnessed below.  You can easily identify our iconic motorcycle sweater featured in this captivating video on Japanese fascination with American culture in general, and the Levi's 501 in particular.  We are pleased to have our paths crossed.