Every year for the last seven years on the southern coast of France, in a small town called Biarritz, a magical event comes to life.  Wheels & Waves was started by three friends Julien, Jerome, and Vincent, also known as the Southsiders.  It began as a small gathering of kindred spirits.  The goal was, as they put it:

"To celebrate the first sunny ride days of springs by crossing the Pyrenean mountains in the south of France and go to Spain in a forgotten place which suits perfectly with our love of free uncrowded spaces. For that run, we invite our riding family from everywhere. Adventure is ours for a few days."

Just over a month ago we had the pleasure of attending our second Wheels & Waves.  Normally the festival's home base is made up of old army tents strung side by side along the ocean.  This year, however, mother nature had different plans, so headquarters were moved indoors.  Everyone involved, from patrons to organizers, handled the challenge with such grace it was a sight to behold and the surrounding events went off without a hitch.  We brought along our friend and workwear connoisseur, Clément of Crafted Paris, to help us capture the occasion.  Many thanks to Clément, and many thanks to Julien, Jerome, and Vincent for including us in such a wonderful event.

Wheels & Waves Day 1 / Day 2 / Day 3